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Inclusivity and Availability

Printed literature is inclusive

and readily available for all

patients and consumers.


MLPS advocates for robust and accessible delivery of product information and instructions for use of all medicines to all patients in Europe regardless of their location or circumstances and without risk of compromise to their personal data.

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Alternative Channels

We support the use of alternative information channels when this complements information on paper & provides increased value to patients and consumers
without compromise

or risk to them in any way.

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Research demonstrates very strongly that the best route to deliver medicine information
is through a written, standardised leaflet provided with every medicine at the point of

purchase or issue.

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Pharma paper information leaflets are the only failsafe method of patients & healthcare professionals obtaining information on medicines –

every comma really does have a point

Continued Use of Printed Leaflets is Important

Printed leaflets are the failsafe method to ensure 

medicine information reaches all patients - 

regardless of their digital literacy and access.


This is crucial for older citizens who represent the majority of

medicine users with the most complex needs –

this is the group with the lowest rate of digital literacy in the EU.


Printed leaflets provide for a sustainable, fast and

direct way of accessing critical medical information in all circumstances -

reducing risks of drug misuse and the subsequent cost impacts to society.

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Neuroscience has shown that something we can touch and experience
sticks better in our brains

a printed leaflet is more likely to be consulted because we have a physical copy and the messages will stick better in our brains

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